Mother "Shima" - Cathedral (8 Total Pages)

In the "Shima" Package you will have five pages on the navigation bar: Home, About Us, Contact Us plus two more pages.


Home Page

Your Home page will be your first page on your website.

On your home page, you have the option to have an image slider, those images are horizontal slider slides and usually with a momentum effect.

There will be four images with links to pages.

About Us Page

The About Us page helps you describe or identify your attributes. You can use other titles such as; Welcome, Explore, etc.

On your about page, there will be one image.

Text about your Parish, like how we started, who we are, our beliefs, etc.



Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page will help your visitors find your locations and give them options of how to contact you.

On your contact page, there will be a map of your location.

Contact Form, where they can enter their contact information to and send to you.

Your current address, phone, email & social media tags will be shown for their information.


You are able to add two additional pages to navigation bar: donate, ministries, worship, etc.

You will have up to three sub pages with one image per page and text. If more pages are needed, price may range.

There will be a drop down category off one of the above.

You can choose three or make up your own: donate, calendar, ministries, worship, services etc.